Where internet meets the real world
Creating Activities with Great Memories among Internationally Active People – All with Style and Pleasure, Tasteful! Score4Life is among the first to provide Online Dating Services that combine contacting and get to know each other on the Internet, with the kind of planned activities that allow you to meet under fun and relaxed circumstances. Enjoy gala dinners with best entertainment and dancing, travel, sightseeing, culture, business networking and sports like golf, tennis, boating, skiing and equestrian as part of a natural and easy way to get to know each other.

Business idea

Score4Life develops activities for the internationally active people with the aim at combining the best of Internet with the best of Real World. Get to know people world-wide on the Internet and meet for Interesting, Funny and Rewarding Activities.

About us


More and more people are living alone and find dating sites useful

Most people, even in relationships, claim that they feel lonely sometimes

Global travelling is increasing so people get more and more international

People in career have limited time to socialize and save time by dating online

More and more people ask for new and interesting activities when dating

Activity programs are a good ice breaker when dating

Our Brands


Online Dating +5000 members Visit website | Read more



Online Golf Club +600 members Visit website | Read more



Exclusive Galas +10 global galas Visit website | Read more




Event Agency +70 events Visit website | Read more



Investment opportunities

Company structure is a holding company in London, Score4Life Limited and an operational company in Hong Kong, Score4Life HK Limited. A couple of investors have so far developed the companies; they have background from founding Stock Market Company as well as companies globally. At the end of year 2015, the aim is to offer external investors to join in a Private Placement to co-finance a three year development program. Priority will be on investors with background in various geographical areas as well in the special interest groups.